Pre-Order RO71088 Diesel locomotive BR 221, DB

Diesel locomotive class 221 of the German Federal Railway.

■ Free-standing handrails
■ Switchable headlight/tail light with DIP switch

In order to cope with the increase in traffic, also on non-electrified main lines, the German Federal Railways procured a total of 50 class V 200.1 locomotives from the year 1962 onwards. They differ from their predecessors in having more powerful engines. These were required for the increasingly-longer and therefore heavier passenger trains. The main areas of operation included the routes between Kempten and Lindau, Offenburg and Constance as well as the well-known “Vogelfluglinie” transport corridor between Germany and Denmark. During their lifetime, the locomotives were later re-designated as the class 221, and frequently received an ocean blue and beige livery.

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RO71088 Diesel locomotive BR 221, DB

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: RO71088
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