Pre-Order RO70031 Steam locomotive class 03.10, DB

Edition model!

■ Finely-detailed model with refurbished boiler design
■ Finely-reproduced wheelsets with spoked leading wheels
■ Reproduction of the third inner cylinder with inner engine
■ With switchable valve gear lighting in digital mode
■ Retrofittable smoke generator


Blue Parade steam locomotives
The 03.10 class represented an advancement of the standard-type express train locomotive class 03. The simple twin cylinders were replaced with triple cylinders, and a streamlined full panel cover was provided to save fuel.
In contrast to the original plan, class 03.10 did not begin its great career until after it had been "stripped" and refurbished. Due to the F-train network which was under construction and the so-called light express train service running between Dortmund and Frankfurt, three of these noble express trains received a new livery of elegant steel blue.
Due to the high running performance, increased wear and tear quickly became noticeable on the boilers, the steel material of which proved susceptible to ageing. From 1957 onwards, new, fully welded high-performance boilers featuring a combustion chamber in the firebox were installed.
Based on the tradition of the "Blue Mauritius", it is quite conceivable that a parade steam locomotive with a refurbished boiler also continued this custom.

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RO70031 Steam locomotive class 03.10, DB

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