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In the period 1981-1985, Henschel supplied 37 diesel-electric locomotives to DSB in Germany.
The locomotives were given the letter ME, and were, like the MY, MX and MZ, equipped with American GM engines. The ME´s thus became the last GM locomotives at DSB, and will thus end the era that began with the delivery of the first MY back in 1954.
Unlike its older colleagues, the ME´s got three-phase asynchronous AC motors as track motors, something quite new in 1981, and the ME´s were thus the first series-produced diesel locomotives in the world with three-phase traction technology.
Six traction inverters supply the track motors with alternating current and frequency alternating current. During braking, the track motors can be made to function as generators, whereby the locomotive is electrically braked. The alternating current produced is sent back through the inverters where it is rectified before either being converted to heat or cooling in the wagons, or deposited as heat in three groups of resistors, placed in the roof immediately behind cab 2.

All 37 MEs were delivered to the then area "east", and thus drove exclusively east of the Great Belt, where they in turn pulled all train types.
With the opening of the fixed link across the Great Belt in 1997, the ME´s took over a large part of the freight traffic across the belt, and they also started running regular mail trains at night between Copenhagen / Glostrup and Århus / Torsøvej and back, a task they had all the way. to the transition to K01 in June 2001. In addition to the mail trains, the ME´s also ran various other trains in Jutland and on Funen, when they were still waiting for the night's freight or mail train, among other things. some regional trains Fredericia-Odense and Fredericia-Århus.
From K99, the MEs also started running mail trains to Aalborg, and from K00 also to Herning.
In K00, they also ran freight trains between Aalborg and Frederikshavn, and between Aalborg and FDB´'s central warehouse in Skalborg, so during this timetable period there were several ME locomotives in operation in Jutland every day.
At the transition to K01, all the ME´s returned to Zealand, but later got regular weekend trips to Aarhus with the new double-decker wagons. For a long period in the zeros, an ME also drove the Prague Express from Aarhus to Padborg and back, a traffic that stopped at the transition to K08.
In a large part of K10, in addition to the weekend trains to Aarhus, they also had two Friday trains with double-decker equipment to Esbjerg and Aalborg and back, respectively. But at the transition to K11, all regular weekend trains stopped running with ME, after which they were again exclusively employed on Zealand.
In K12, the ME´s were handed over two daily double trips with double-decker equipment Copenhagen-Århus as replacement light rail, because DSB lacked equipment for regional traffic, but this event ended with the transition to K13.
Today, MEs are used exclusively in regional train traffic between Copenhagen / Østerport and Kalundborg, Holbæk and Nykøbing Falster, and only on special occasions does an ME appear west of the Great Belt.
However, the IC4 project has had an ME made available for several years. Based in Aarhus, the incompetent Italian draws around the country, in truth a hard fate for a solid German slider who has long ago proved his worth.

The models

Undercarriage and car body made of metal, resilient buffers, etched step plates in stainless steel, etched gratings, wipers, front hangers etc.
Richly detailed model, with i.a. different devices in the two cabs in accordance with the model. All models are delivered with open and closed plow, as well as articulated screw coupling that can be mounted as desired.
The model is equipped with electronics developed in collaboration with ESU and contains all combinations of headlights and tail lights, individual lights in the cab and engine room, working turn signal lights and powerpacks. All models are equipped with 2 pcs. 4 ohm speakers.
All locomotives are delivered with ESU decoder, and can also be delivered with sound incl. curve sound.
Thoroughly tested, powerful and quiet 5 pole motor.

Variants, numbers and status

The model of the ME´ is produced in virtually all the variants that have run.
And although the MEs have not visually changed significantly over the years, there have been some changes, an overview of the most important can be found here
And on this link there is an overview of how the various models produced are configured.
In this photo , the difference between short and long handrails, new and old end signals, as well as lacquered and foiled ME can be clearly seen. Both MEs in the picture also have the characteristic TRIT antenna above the top projector.


Green / blue


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McK0118 NRFAB 92 86 0001 513-7 AC Sound

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