Pre-Order RO78471 Electric locomotive 2D2 9128, SNCF

Electric locomotive 2D2 9128 of the French State Railways. Update! ■ With PluX22 interface and sound decoder available for the first time ■ True to original sound functions ■ With filigree pantographs ■ Raised locomotive numbers ■ With switchable high beam as well as individually switchable headlight or tail light in digital mode ■ With switchable driver’s cab and machine room lighting in digital mode The parade line of the class 2D2 9100 was the “Ligne Impériale” - the imperial line which connected the French capital Paris with Lyon and Marseille on the Mediterranean coast. With a top speed of 140 kilometres per hour and a tractive force of 900 tonnes, the locomotives were perfect for hauling express trains. The SNCF ordered the first series of 35 locomotives in 1950. The number of 2D2 9100 locomotives was to increase to 100 over the years. Although its silhouette appeared relatively modern, the technology of this locomotive was from the 1920s. Therefore, the locomotives were soon replaced by more modern class CC 7100 locomotives. Smaller and lighter motors replaced the Buchli motor, which was expensive and tricky to maintain and was used for the 2D2 9100 locomotives. Nevertheless, the class 2D2 9100 locomotives were still used until the 1980s.

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RO78471 Electric locomotive 2D2 9128, SNCF

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