Pre-Order JA10722 H0 AC D-Lok 2070.018 Pfla Metall Sound

Diesel locomotive 2070.018 with "Pflatsch" of the ÖBB, epoch V with sound

The series 2070 of the ÖBB is a diesel-hydraulic shunting locomotive. The locomotives of this series, also called Hector, were built by Vossloh / MaK with the manufacturer designation G 800 BB between 2000 and 2004. In total, ÖBB took over 90 machines of this type.

The new model from Jägerndorfer Collection has a powerful motor with a flywheel. The housing and chassis are made of metal and give the locomotive a decent weight. Light change white / red and a Plux interface are also on board. A replica of the shunting coupling is included for self-assembly. The Rh 2070 is available for both direct and alternating current and optionally with sound.

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JA10722 H0 AC D-Lok 2070.018 Pfla Metall Sound

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: JA10722
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