Pre-Order RO73006 Triebzug X2700 grün/beige

Diesel multiple unit X 2720 of the French State Railways. Model available with caboose XR 7700.

■ Anniversary model - "60 years of Roco"
■ Replica in light green and cream livery
■ The model is used in the French domestic traffic.

The French State Railway put in 1955, eighteen single-motor diesel railcars X 2720 with an power output of 825 hp for long-distance services in operation. The series, also known as RGP1, was one of the "Rames à grand parcours" (RGP). Due to the simplified construction with only one motor, the construction of the twin-motor X 2700 was discontinued. The designer Paul Arzens was responsible for the design of the railcar. The nickname "Lézards verts" (Green lizards) comes from the originally used colour scheme in light green, cream and grey. By means of the connecting door on the rear side of the control cab coach, two units could be coupled rear to rear. This form of operation was common. Originally the multiple units had only first class cars and the control cab coach was equipped with a kitchen. After the loss of the high-quality passenger coach services, the railcars were rebuilt and used in the regional traffic.

Epoch: IV   

Gauge: H0   

Elect. system: DC

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RO73006 Triebzug X2700 grün/beige

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