BU1001 Smart Car Tower Pre-Order

BU1001 Smart Car Tower

Product information "Smart Car Tower" Multistoried glass tower showroom for Smart automobiles, wh..


Bu1004 Sex Shop Εκτός Αποθέματος

Bu1004 Sex Shop

BUSCH 1004 Sex sells ... In keeping with the »human circus«, the new Sex Shop is offered in 1:..


BU1005 Gas station

Product information "Gas station" Designed by Dutch architect W. Dudok, its modern architecture a..

29,99€ 22,49€

BU1016 Concrete Wall

Product information "Concrete Wall" The concrete wall can be used to surround buildings, open pla..

9,99€ 7,49€

BU1017 Wire Mesh Fence

Product information "Wire Mesh Fence" The wire mesh fence consists of a special fine aluminum lat..

9,79€ 7,34€

BU1019 East German Gate & Chain Link Fence Pre-Order

BU1019 East German Gate & Chain Link Fence

Product information "East German Gate & Chain Link Fence" Replica of an original fence with m..


BU1020 Wire Mesh Fence

Product information "Wire Mesh Fence" Kit for a green wire mesh garden fence with four metal door..

7,99€ 5,99€

BU1021 2 cell phone towers

Cell phone telecommunications towers have sprung up like weeds over the last decade; now, you can ad..

19,99€ 14,99€

BU1023 Real Metal Chain Fence Pre-Order

BU1023 Real Metal Chain Fence

Product information "Real Metal Chain Fence" Ten metal posts in nostalgic style with filigree iro..


BU1024 Construction Site Fence

Product information "Construction Site Fence" Delicate steel mesh fencing system: Five panels, ea..

15,99€ 11,99€

BU1025 Indoor swimming pool Pre-Order

BU1025 Indoor swimming pool

Product information "Indoor swimming pool" Winter or summer, day or night, this indoor swimming p..


BU10250 wooden signpost Pre-Order

BU10250 wooden signpost

Produktinformationen "Holzwegweiser" Schon die Vorbilder dieser romantischen Hinweisschilder sind..


BU1029 2 Containers »THW« Pre-Order

BU1029 2 Containers »THW«

Product information "2 Containers »THW« Kit of two office containers in original blue color of th..


BU1034 Doner Kebab Sales Container Pre-Order

BU1034 Doner Kebab Sales Container

Product information "Doner Kebab Sales Container" Kit for a doner kebab in a sales container. Acc..


BU1039 Fox Stealing a Goose

Product information "Fox Stealing a Goose" Kit for a practial wooden shed made of genuine wooden ..

23,99€ 17,99€