BU1001 Smart Car Tower Pre-Order

BU1001 Smart Car Tower

Product information "Smart Car Tower" Multistoried glass tower showroom for Smart automobiles, wh..

32,99€ 28,54€

BU1005 Gas station Pre-Order

BU1005 Gas station

Product information "Gas station" Designed by Dutch architect W. Dudok, its modern architecture a..

37,49€ 32,43€

BU1016 Concrete Wall

Product information "Concrete Wall" The concrete wall can be used to surround buildings, open pla..

12,49€ 10,80€

BU1017 Wire Mesh Fence Pre-Order

BU1017 Wire Mesh Fence

Product information "Wire Mesh Fence" The wire mesh fence consists of a special fine aluminum lat..

12,49€ 10,80€

BU1018 Crowd Control Barrier Set

Set of 20 fence type crowd barriers and and 20 horse type crush barriers for crowd control (overall ..

8,49€ 7,34€

BU1020 Wire Mesh Fence

Product information "Wire Mesh Fence" Kit for a green wire mesh garden fence with four metal door..

9,49€ 8,21€

BU1021 2 cell phone towers Pre-Order

BU1021 2 cell phone towers

Cell phone telecommunications towers have sprung up like weeds over the last decade; now, you can ad..

22,49€ 19,45€

BU1023 Real Metal Chain Fence Pre-Order

BU1023 Real Metal Chain Fence

Product information "Real Metal Chain Fence" Ten metal posts in nostalgic style with filigree iro..

15,99€ 13,83€

BU1024 Construction Site Fence

Product information "Construction Site Fence" Delicate steel mesh fencing system: Five panels, ea..

17,99€ 15,56€

BU1029 2 Containers »THW« Pre-Order

BU1029 2 Containers »THW«

Product information "2 Containers »THW« Kit of two office containers in original blue color of th..

15,99€ 13,83€

BU1041 Riding Arena

This riding arena is based on an original built in Auerbach (Germany). The kit consists of the refer..

54,99€ 47,57€

BU1046 Beer Garden Set Pre-Order

BU1046 Beer Garden Set

Richly equipped beer garden based on the Sternquell brewery in Plauen. With fence, two vendor booths..

33,99€ 29,40€

BU1048 Beer Garden Pre-Order

BU1048 Beer Garden

Product information "Beer Garden" Kit for a fully equipped outdoor restaurant: Beer bar pavilion ..

31,49€ 27,24€

BU1049 Flower shop Pre-Order

BU1049 Flower shop

A small flower shop (kit), as it can often be found in cemeteries or in squares. The extensive ..

25,99€ 22,48€

BU1052 Football / Soccer Pitch Pre-Order

BU1052 Football / Soccer Pitch

BU1052 Football / Soccer Pitch ..

12,49€ 10,80€