Au42515 Model background "Erzgebirge 3" (Decoration) Pre-Order

Au42515 Model background "Erzgebirge 3" (Decoration)

Dieser Hintergrund zeigt eine Mittelgebirgslandschaft. Er ist mit Art. 42 513 und Art. 42 514 an der..

29,90€ 25,86€

AU11322 Track inspector's house

Special model. Similar prototypes can be found in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slo..

17,90€ 15,48€

AU11329 Radeburg station Pre-Order

AU11329 Radeburg station

This kit was produced to celebrate the centennial of the branch line between Radebeul East and Rad..

39,90€ 34,51€

AU11331 Hohendorf station Pre-Order

AU11331 Hohendorf station

Compact booking hall with goods platform, equipment shed, toilets and an assortment of typical acc..

27,90€ 24,13€

AU11332 Locomotive shed double track Pre-Order

AU11332 Locomotive shed double track

The prototype for this model was in Frauenstein. The line was closed on October 20, 1971 following a..

27,90€ 24,13€

AU11333 Signal box Pre-Order

AU11333 Signal box

Modelled after the signal box at Tharandt on Deutsche Reichsbahn line from Dresden to Chemnitz, wi..

21,90€ 18,94€

AU11334 Coal bunker Pre-Order

AU11334 Coal bunker

Authentic historical model of the prototype in Dresden-Pieschen. With handturned crane and coal st..

19,90€ 17,21€

AU11335 Water tower

A typical trackside structure from the Aschersleben yard, where it supplied water for steam locomo..

25,50€ 22,06€

AU11336 Station toilet

Station toilet stood in Langenhennersdorf on the Pirna-Bad Gottleuba line. Authentic histo..

9,90€ 8,56€

Au11337 Platform barrier Pre-Order

Au11337 Platform barrier

Platform barrier stood in Langenhennersdorf on the Oirna-Bad Gottleuba line. Authentic his..

9,90€ 8,56€

AU11339 Platform equipment with figures

This platform equipment set is suitable for Era II on. In addition to railway staff and travellers w..

26,50€ 22,92€

AU11340 Petrol station Pre-Order

AU11340 Petrol station

This somewhat more modern petrol station can still be found occasionally in eastern and western Ge..

32,90€ 28,46€

AU11345 Level crossing and keeper’s house Pre-Order

AU11345 Level crossing and keeper’s house

Level crossing with barrier, for straight track, manually operated, on the line between Flöha and ..

28,90€ 25,00€

AU11346 Klingenberg-Colmnitz station Pre-Order

AU11346 Klingenberg-Colmnitz station

Arrivals building of the Deutsche Reichsbahn from Dresden to Chemnitz. This railway line will be c..

56,90€ 49,22€

AU11347 Goyatz station

An exact scale model of a branch line booking hall. The prototype stood on the Spree Forest Railwa..

51,90€ 44,89€

AU11348 Loading dock

Offers endless opportunities for loading freight of any kind on any layout! 3 rectangular ramps 119 ..

33,50€ 28,98€