Au42515 Model background "Erzgebirge 3" (Decoration) Εκτός Αποθέματος

Au42515 Model background "Erzgebirge 3" (Decoration)

Dieser Hintergrund zeigt eine Mittelgebirgslandschaft. Er ist mit Art. 42 513 und Art. 42 514 an ..


AU10001 Starter Kit Εκτός Αποθέματος

AU10001 Starter Kit

Model railway construction is a particularly suitable hobby for children. It fosters imagination,..


AU11322 Track inspector's house

Special model. Similar prototypes can be found in the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Slo..

12,60€ 11,34€

AU11329 Radeburg station

This kit was produced to celebrate the centennial of the branch line between Radebeul East an..

27,00€ 24,30€

Au11330 Platform Εκτός Αποθέματος

Au11330 Platform

Covered platform in turn-of-the century cast iron style, with exit to pedestrian underpass, b..


AU11331 Hohendorf station

Compact booking hall with goods platform, equipment shed, toilets and an assortment of typica..

18,90€ 17,01€

AU11332 Locomotive shed double track Pre-Order

AU11332 Locomotive shed double track

The prototype for this model was in Frauenstein. The line was closed on October 20, 1971 following a..


AU11333 Signal box

Modelled after the signal box at Tharandt on Deutsche Reichsbahn line from Dresden to Chemnitz, wi..

14,40€ 12,96€

AU11334 Coal bunker

Authentic historical model of the prototype in Dresden-Pieschen. With handturned crane and co..

14,40€ 12,96€

AU11335 Water tower

A typical trackside structure from the Aschersleben yard, where it supplied water for steam l..

17,10€ 15,39€

AU11336 Station toilet

Station toilet stood in Langenhennersdorf on the Pirna-Bad Gottleuba line. Authentic histo..

8,10€ 7,29€

Au11337 Platform barrier Pre-Order

Au11337 Platform barrier

Platform barrier stood in Langenhennersdorf on the Oirna-Bad Gottleuba line. Authentic his..


Au11338 Track inspector’s house Pre-Order

Au11338 Track inspector’s house

The houses built around 1875 by the Dresden regional railway administration. The original sti..


AU11339 Platform equipment with figures

This platform equipment set is suitable for Era II on. In addition to railway staff and travellers w..

18,40€ 16,56€

AU11340 Petrol station Εκτός Αποθέματος

AU11340 Petrol station

This somewhat more modern petrol station can still be found occasionally in eastern and weste..


AU11345 Level crossing and keeper’s house

Level crossing with barrier, for straight track, manually operated, on the line between Flöha and ..

16,20€ 14,58€