Pre-Order 058557 Type Lbs 584 Container Transport Car

NEW ITEMLbs 584 | Gauge 1 - Article No. 58557

Type Lbs 584 Container Transport Car

Prototype: German Federal Railroad (DB) type Lbs 584 container transport car. The car looks as it did in Era IVa. It is loaded with four (4) different "pa" containers. 1 each "pa" type Edkrt covered container, 1 each "pa" type Eokrt open container, 1 each "pa" type Dzkr double container, and 1 each "pa" type Ddzkr spherical container. Car number 21 80 411 1 082-4.

Article No.58557
KindFreight Cars


  • 4 different "pa" containers.


Model: The frame is constructed of die-cast zinc. The car has many separately applied details made of high quality plastic. The car is loaded with 4 removable "pa" containers. The containers have separately applied details and different registration numbers. The minimum radius for operation is 1,020 mm / 40-3/16". Length over the buffers 36.0 cm / 14-3/16".


- New items brochure 2019


=Metal car frame.
4Era 4


ATTENTION: adults only

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058557 Type Lbs 584 Container Transport Car

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