No14012 Ornamental Plants, in flower pots, 9 pcs.
track gauge: H0

The new and super realistic flower arrangements are very impressive because of their great detail. High quality and handmade Laser-Cut minis+ plants have been set into hand-painted flower pots and flower troughs. The flowers and foliage plants in the flower pots are the very popular NOCH grass tufts having been planted inhand-painted pots. The advantages at a glance: Ready-to-use mini plants Super lifelike thanks to Laser-Cut and flocking Take a Laser-Cut minis+ plant out of the package, put a spot of glue on it, and fix it on the landscape!

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No14012 Ornamental Plants, in flower pots, 9 pcs.

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: No14012
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