Pre-Order FL396074 - Electric locomotive class E 60, DB

Railway company: Deutsche Bundesbahn 

Epoch: III

Gauge: H0

Elect. system: AC

EAN: 4005575113137

Delivery Date  2018, cw 18

Electric locomotive class E 60 of the Deutsche Bundesbah. Epoch III.

Compared to the Epoch II and III locomotives, this locomotive features shunting transitions on the ends of the locomotive and additional windows on each side of the driver's cab.

AC version. Model with built-in load sensing digital decoder and true to the original sound functions andfitted with digital hoop couplings.

Drive on all three axles. Motor with flywheel. PluX22 interface. Triple LED headlight that changes with the direction of travel. Can be switched separately in a digital way.

The sensitive acceleration and gentle braking of the model allow true to the original shunting operations. With newly developed pantographs that are true to the original. Many separate plug-in parts. Perfectly in-plane assembled and streak-free windows. Finest engravings, particularly at the lateral ventilators. Delicate rivet replicas. Interior design and illumination of the driver's cab. Functional replica of the jackshaft. Finest spoked wheels made of metal. Braking shoe follows the wheel arche exactly.

General data
Number of driven axles 3
Traction tyres 2
Coupling Digitally controlable
Flywheel yes
Digital decoder 
Sound yes
LED lighting yes
Head light 3-headlight and 1 tail lamp direction dependent
Switchable interior lighting yes
Length over buffer 126

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FL396074 - Electric locomotive class E 60, DB

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: FL396074
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