T15539 "Rheingold" Express Train Passenger Car Set
SPw4ü-28, SB4ük-28, SA4ü-28, SA4ük-28, SB4ü-28, SPw4ü-28 | Spur Minitrix - Art.Nr. 15539

"Rheingold" Express Train Passenger Car Set

Prototype: 6 different German State Railroad Company (DRG) "Rheingold" express train passenger cars in the paint scheme at the beginning of the Thirties. 1 type SPw4ü-28 baggage car, 1 type SB4ük-28 salon car, 2nd class with a galley, 1 type SA4ü-28 salon car, 1st class without a galley, 1 type SA4ük-28 salon car, 1st class with a galley, 1 type SB4ü-28 salon car, 2nd class without a galley, and 1 type SPw4ü-28 baggage car.

Art.Nr. 15539
Spur Minitrix
Epoche II
Art Passenger Cars


  • Lighted table lamps.
  • Interiors of different colors.


Model: The salon cars have lighted table lamps and different interiors. LED interior lighting can be installed later in the salon cars. All of the cars have a close coupler mechanism. Total length over the buffers 832 mm / 32-3/4".


The class 18.5 express steam locomotive with a tender, item number 16181, goes marvelously with the "Rheingold" express train passenger car set.

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T15539 "Rheingold" Express Train Passenger Car Set

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: T15539
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
  • Aθήνα: Χαμηλό απόθεμα
  • Θεσσαλονίκη: Mη διαθέσιμο
  • 316,79€

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