Pre-Order AU11391 Schmidt Street 11 corner house

A complete street can be modelled using our 10 Edwardian-era townhouse kits. The possible variations are almost endless - all you need is some skill, imagination and paint. Around the turn of the century, entire districts were built within a relatively short time, using these typical house plans, for the fast-growing population. Sadly, many of these houses were destroyed in the Second World War. the architecture in the models is not specific to any one region, although the "threewindowed house" has a strong flavour of the Rheinland. 10ft high ceilings were characteristic of the time and the filigree stucco is superbly detailed. The rear facades and gable roofs are of brick.
A four-storey house with an intriguing facade.

112 x 112 x 215 mm


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AU11391 Schmidt Street 11 corner house

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: AU11391
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