No07100 Wild Grass, Meadow, 6 mm, 50 g
track gauge: 0,H0,TT,N

Perfect grass is the most essential part of landscape greenery. For this reason, we have increased the selection of grass fibres with some very interesting variations. From now on, the popular NOCH ild Grass is also available as ild Grass XL with a length of 12 mm (0.47 in.). The ild Grass XL is ideal for 0 gauge, but it is also excellent for the imitation of extra long H0 grass. For N and Z gauges, we offer an extra short grass with a length of only 1,5 mm (0.06 in.). Our range of different grass colours is completed by a beautiful, warm and realistic colour being simply called "Meadow". "Meadow" is available in all lengths, as scatter grass with a length of 1,5 mm (0.06 in.) and 2,5 mm (0.1 in.), as a wild grass with a length of 6 mm (0.24 mm) and as a XL variation with a length of 12 mm (0.47 in.).Additional Tip: Vegetation The NOCH Puffer Bottle (ref. 08100) can ideally be used for the electrostatic application of short scatter grass (1,5 mm and 2,5 mm/ 0.06 in. and 0.1 in.). If you wish to use longer grass fibres such as NOCH ild Grass (6 mm/ 0.24 in.) or ild Grass XL (12 mm/ 0.47 in.), we recommend our NOCH Gras-Master (ref. 60131). Thanks to the electrostatic technique of the Gras-Master, the grass fibres get electrostatically charged and will land in a vertical position on the scenery. e recommend NOCH Grass Glue as an adhesive, which is available in two sizes (ref. 61130 with 250 ml and ref. 61131 with 750 ml).Colours, combinations and forms are subject to change without prior notice.

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No07100 Wild Grass, Meadow, 6 mm, 50 g

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: No07100
  • Διαθεσιμότητα: Διαθέσιμο
  • Aθήνα: Διαθέσιμο
  • Θεσσαλονίκη: Χαμηλό απόθεμα
  • 8,19€

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