RO70088 Electric locomotive Ae 3/6ˡ, SBB

Electric locomotive Ae 3/6ˡ of the Swiss Federal Railways. Edition model! ■ Complete, exceptionally detailed new construction with elaborate reproduction of the Buchli drive ■ Highly accurate, completely new spoked wheel design ■ Delicately crafted current collectors ■ Model in the design of the 2nd series ■ Grids on roof superstructure made from fine metal ■ Small lamps ■ Driver’s cab and machine room lighting ■ Sound-synchronous shift lights in the machine room ■ ROCO Dynamic-Sound system and 16-bit sound ■ Short coupling mechanism at each end of the locomotive ■ Perfectly presented in a transparent box The Ae 3/6ˡ came into operation between 1921 and 1929 and were in regular service for over 70 years. Initially used for the high-quality express train transport on the east-west axis, the machines also proved their worth in regional, postal and goods train services. They were found in all three parts of the country and on all railway lines - with the Saint Gotthard route being rather an exception. Only at the very beginning, the SBB used the Ae 3/6ˡ on mountain lines, afterward, only in exceptional cases.

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RO70088 Electric locomotive Ae 3/6ˡ, SBB

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: RO70088
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