Pre-Order RO78249 Steam locomotive class 18.4, DB

Steam locomotive class 18.4 of the Deutsche Bundesbahn. Edition model! Drive on two axles of the tender and via cardan shaft on all three drive axles of the locomotive. ■ Driver's cab with DB-logo ■ Silver boiler rings and plunger buffers with white buffer rings ■ Air and feed pump ■ Braking shoes follow the wheel arches exactly ■ Filigree metal spoke wheels ■ Driving wheels with fine-scale profile ■ With set of etched signs included ■ Smoke generator retrofittable WHAT IF...? The Bavarian S 3/6, often referred to as the "Queen of steam locomotives", bore the brunt of the German express train traffic until the introduction of class 01. Not only did it continue to be built until after 1931, but also because it could cope with long runs that class 01 could not do without being "slimmed-down". And if anyone thinks that a Bavarian locomotive only ran in Bavaria during the Bundesbahn era, they are mistaken. The Bavarian locomotives hauled pretty much all the trains that belonged to the crème de la crème. Although most of the S 3/6s of series a to c were scrapped in 1950, it seems realistic that one of these legendary express locomotives, like some of its younger sisters, got hold of a DB-Keks and continued to be cherished as an irreplaceable machine by a committed locomotive crew.

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RO78249 Steam locomotive class 18.4, DB

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: RO78249
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