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There’s a Lot Happening on This Farm!

Laser-Cut Kit Farm

Who doesn’t look back fondly on the good old days as a child when every farm seemed like a huge adventure playground? The many animals, the work in the fields, big tractors and machines: all of that is as fascinating today as it was then. Gates in an open or closed position can be represented on the farm model. The access ramp can also be left out, which reduces the footprint of the model and also allows it to be placed in smaller dioramas.
The kit is made of multicoloured laser cardboard sheets. Small accessories such as bird boxes or a crucifix complement the kit. Wonderful details can be depicted in this way.
The Laser-Cut Kit comes with detailed instructions and suitable special Laser-Cut Adhesive.

Packaging Unit: 1 Piece/Pieces

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NO63714 Farm

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