Pre-Order RO73877 Electric locomotive BB 22332

ROCO 73877

description: Electric locomotive BB 22332 railway company SNCF era 6

description/content: Finely detailed model with many separately applied plug-in parts partially designed with etching technology Perforated steps Delicate design of the pantographs Headlight can be completely or partially switched with a DIP switch (analogue version)

information about prototype: The BB 22200 is a french electric locomotive series which can be used on the DC (1,5 kV) network as well as the AC network (25 kV 50 Hz) of the SNCF. The design of the locomotives with the so-called “nez cassé” (“broken nose”) comes from the hand of Frenchman Paul Arzens, who was responsible for the design of several SNCF locomotives at the time. From 1976 until 1986 Alstom built a total of 205 locomotives in six series. Due to the multi-system capabilities and the design as an universal locomotive, the BB 22200 can haul goods and passenger trains on nearly every regular electrically powered line in France.

electric system: DC  interface: Plux22

upgrated with decoder: no  function sound: no  capacitor: no

function light: yes  light: LED  light change: yes

additional light functions: no

Lenghs over buffers: 201  minimum radius: R2

number of driven axles: 4  traction tires: 1  flywheel: yes

close coupling mechanism: yes

scale: 1:87  gauge H0
EAN number: 9005033738778
age rating: 14+ years

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RO73877 Electric locomotive BB 22332

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: RO73877
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