RO72067 Diesel multiple unit “Northlander”

ROCO 72067

description: Diesel multiple unit “Northlander” railway company ONR era 4-5

description/content: Current conducting couplers mounted on the entire train Current draw always in the front part of the unit with the direction of travel

information about prototype: The eye-catching blue yellow train, which initially was used as a Swiss-Dutch type RAm/DE IV multiple unit in the TEE traffic, became a Canadian in 1977. In Canada the train ran on the lines between Toronto and Timmins in the province of Ontario. But the extreme cold particularly affected the diesel engines of the power cars. Therefore, after only two years, the motorized units were replaced by locomotives of the type FP-7Am. Thanks to Swiss and Dutch TEE fans, two control cab cars and three intermediate cars of the "Northlander" escaped the scrappers torch and are now back in Europe again.

electric system: DCC  interface: NEM652

upgrated with decoder: yes  function sound: ROCO Sound  capacitor: no

function light: yes  light: LED  light change: yes

additional light functions: Number lightning

Lenghs over buffers: 11117  minimum radius: R3

number of driven axles: 6  traction tires: 2  flywheel: yes

close coupling mechanism: no

scale: 1:87  gauge H0
EAN number: 9005033720674
age rating: 14+ years

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RO72067 Diesel multiple unit “Northlander”

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: RO72067
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