Pre-Order RO61483 3 piece set: The Karlsruhe train

ROCO 61483

description: 3 piece set: The Karlsruhe train railway company DB era 4

description/content: Locomotive and one coach in unique test livery Version of the 2nd class coach as a replacement coach Matching coaches: item 64175 Headlight can be partially or entirely switched with a DIP switch (analogue version) Driver's cab illumination can be retrofitted and is switchable in digital mode Control car with PluX16 interfaces, with installed decoder in the digital versions

information about prototype: In the middle of the 1970s, the railway workshop in Karlsruhe developed three prototype cars for a push-pull train, intended for urban railway operation in the Ruhr district. One reason for this was the complaints made by passengers that no toilet was available in the class ET 420 railcars on the long routes within the Ruhr district. The “Silberlinge” coaches then available in large quantities were used as the basis for the new developments. The test cars were provided with new, more clearly-structured interior fittings. Instead of hinged-folding doors, the vehicles received swing-sliding doors with an electromagnetic door-blocking function. Seats were installed in the control car in place of the luggage compartment. The cars were painted in ocean blue/beige, whereby, in contrast to other trains, the window strip was ocean blue and the area under the windows was beige. The locomotive used for this train - the 141 248-5 from the Hagen-Eckesey depot, was painted asymmetrically in accordance with the cars for a uniform appearance. In addition, two further standard “Silberlinge” were repainted and acted as spare cars. Ultimately, the train proved inadequate in urban railway operations, also due to the comparatively moderate acceleration capacities of the locomotives. As a result, the cars were deployed in normal regional transport, which, however, was not possible without restrictions as the entrance doors could only be used on elevated platforms.

electric system: DC  interface: Plux16/Plux22

upgrated with decoder: no  function sound: no  capacitor: no

function light: yes  light: LED  light change: yes

additional light functions: no

Lenghs over buffers: 786  minimum radius: R2

number of driven axles: 4  traction tires: 1  flywheel: yes

close coupling mechanism: yes

scale: 1:87  gauge H0
EAN number: 9005033614836
age rating: 14+ years

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RO61483 3 piece set: The Karlsruhe train

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: RO61483
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