McK3605DS (038-040) DB RSC MZ 1456, DC sound

DB RAILION SCANDINAVIEN MZ 1456 DC digital with SOUND. The model is delivered in red / black paint with DB logos on the front and EVN number on the sides, suspended front plows. Period 2013-2020. DSB MZ IV General information about the model: The model of MZ IV is basically designed as ME and MX, although certain changes have been made, based primarily on the experiences from the approx. 1,800 ME that are out driving today. Like its predecessors, MZ IV has a metal undercarriage and car body, resilient buers, etched grilles and gratings on the sides and roof, etched wipers, etc. Detailed bogies with several loosely attached parts and articulated screw couplings that can be mounted as desired, as the models are delivered with both open and closed plows / skirts. Sound versions are delivered with ESU Loksound, versions without sound are delivered with ESU Lokpilot. Features as on ME and MX. All editions have eective turn signal indicators, detailed cabs with lights, lights in engine rooms, as well as all combinations of headlights and tail lights. For the audio editions, Danske Loksound produces a completely new sound, exclusively for McK MZ IV. All locomotives also have a powerpack, and the sound versions have cornering sound. The locomotives have the same 5-pole engine as the ME and MX. It has been possible to design the MZ IV so that it can run the R1 without making signicant compromises. The model: As the last MZ locomotives, in 1977-1978 DSB acquired 15 locomotives that diered signicantly in appearance from the rst 46 MZ locomotives. The 15 locomotives were given the numbers 1447-1461, and were called in everyday speech "MZ IV". The locomotives had the 20-cylinder GM engine in common with the 20 previous MZ locomotives, but the MZ IV had a completely dierent muer arrangement that gave the locomotives a characteristic almost velvety sound. The 15 new locomotives were all stationed in area east, and here they remained all their active time at DSB. After some diculties in the snowy winter of 1978-79, when virtually the entire MZ IV eet was unt for a period, various changes were made to the locomotives, and over the next 20 years, the 15 MZ IV then pulled virtually all types of trains. east of the Great Belt. Initially primarily regional trains between Slagelse / Holbæk / Næstved and Nivå / Helsingør, as well as international trains between Helsingør / Copenhagen and Rødby Færge, but with the establishment of Danlink in 1986, a number of MZ IVs were used on this connection, between Rødby Færge and Copenhagen Freeport / Østerport. These trains ran via Lersøen and the freight connection line (the current S-ring line), and thus through a densely populated area in Copenhagen, and therefore primarily used MZ IV, which were the quietest locomotives DSB had at this time. All 15 MZ IV locomotives underwent a major overhaul in Aarhus in the period 1991-1995, after each driving about 2,400,000 km. MZ 1458 was the rst locomotive for inspection, and in this connection some of the locomotives also had the car bodies renovated for rust, at Gardit in Viborg. All 15 locomotives were painted in red / black in connection with the main inspections. After the opening of the xed railway connection across the Great Belt in 1997, there was also regular MZ IV as traction / pushing force in the weekend trains between Copenhagen and Aarhus, but otherwise MZ IV usually stayed "at home", east of the Great Belt. After MZ 1447 and MZ 1455 were set aside by accident, the remaining 13 MZ IVs were transferred to Railion Danmark A / S, the current DB Cargo Scandinavia A / S, in the "division of property" in 2001. In this connection, the locomotives retained both the red / black design and the operating numbers, but the DSB trademarks disappeared. 7 locomotives have subsequently been sold on to other operators, but DB still has 6 MZ IV left, which is based in Fredericia running domestic freight trains to e.g. Herning, Aalborg, Aarhus, Taulov and Høje Tåstrup. In the spring of 2018, the MZ 1459 was put into operation, after body repair in Sweden. The machine had been involved in a shunting accident, and in connection with the alignment, the car body was repaired for rust, and it was then varnished "trac noise", as the rst MZ. MZ IV was born without corner windows, and with built-in end signals and ready-to-send ashers. They were born without suspended front plows, but like the other MZ, as well as MX and MY, they had these plows tted immediately after the snowy winter of 1979-1980, with consequent changes to the hand bends on the fronts. After this, the locomotives largely did not change their appearance for the next 20 years, as they all had ATC installed in Aarhus in the period 1992-1994, otherwise largely in numerical order. After the transition to Railion, the locomotives got blinded the rear of the three side windows on both sides. In 2010-2011 they had DB logos axed to fronts and sides, and in 2013 they got EVNnumbers on the sides, but other than that, only very few and small visible changes have been made to the locomotives over the years.

Producer McK Item no. 36054

Nationality Denmark

Power system DC

Scale 1:87 - H0

Epoch IV

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McK3605DS (038-040) DB RSC MZ 1456, DC sound

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: McK3605DS
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