44269 International Model Railroading Day on December 2, 2020

Most Important Facts

Article No. 44269
Gauge / Design type H0 / 1:87
Era VI
Kind Freight Cars

On December 2, 2020 - International Model Railroading Day
A Good Idea Keeps Growing When could a model railroading day be more appropriately lived than in the time before Christmas? Because for generations this time has been virtually predestined for this beautiful hobby. At the initiative of Hagen von Ortloff – known from the SWR TV series Eisenbahn Romantik (Railroad Romanticism) – a community of model railroad associations, manufacturers, clubs, and publishers has been formed. The common desire of all the participants is only one thing: To celebrate in a fitting way the most beautiful hobby in the world – model railroading – and to inspire people for it. Many clubs will have open house around December 2 and many model railroads will go into operation around the world. Promotions all about the hobby of model railroading will take place all over Germany, even all over Europe. Be there! Experience an unforgettable day with your family. Get information about promotions and events near you at www.tag-der-modelleisenbahn.de.

Model: Both sides have different designs. The car has Relex couplers.
Length over the buffers 11.5 cm / 4-1/2".
DC wheelset E700580.

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44269 International Model Railroading Day on December 2, 2020

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