FA120281 Roundhouse with 12° track angle

Roundhouse with 12° track angle
To shed your engines. Three-stall extensible roundhouse apt to be linked to turntables with an angle of outgoing tracks of 12°. Supporting steel structure and exposed masonry of that brick house are of contrasting colours. Lateral walls each feature seven windows, while each stall is fitted with three windows in the back wall, vent, skylight and chimney cope. Driving parts and articulated wire for the gates to be moved through a servo are included (Servo, Art. 180726 available separately). Shed for engines with a length over buffers of 290 mm. Clearance of gates/lower edge of the track line: 72 mm. Model suitable for all common track systems._x000D_ _x000D_ Extensible with »Supplementary set for Roundhouse with 12° track angle«, Art. 120282. For a half-circle roundhouse you need: 1 x Art. 120281, 6 x Art. 120282.

This building kit contains: 287 single parts in 9 colours, window parts and 1 construction instruction.
Use for handicrafts FALLER EXPERT plastic glue.




Railway technical buildings

Period III

1946 - 1977


Symbol explanations



2 x 180653, 1 x 180725



485 x 390 x 130 mm

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FA120281 Roundhouse with 12° track angle

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