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Product information "Town Gate Tower"

Kit for a replica of a gate tower from Beinstein (Waiblingen) in the Rems-Murr-District of Germany. As in the original, the ground floor and three upper floors have plastered outer walls and the uppermost floor is half-timbered. The clock is pre-printed and is not functional. The tower has a coat of arms on the front and back and a detailed bell tower at the very top. The throughway has a half rounded arch. All parts are pre-colored.

Size: 102 x 102 mm; 345 mm high.
Throughway width: 38 mm, height: 45 mm.

Information about the archetype
The Beinsteiner gate tower built in the thirteenth century is the only remaining gate tower of the Middle Age city of Waiblingens. At the beginning of the nineteenth century it was almost demolished. It was then called »Säuturm« (Hog Tower) because the farmers pigs would be herded through this door into the pasture. In the last century it was used as the city prison. Today it holds a museum (Museum des Csávolyer) for the German speaking people of Südungarn, which the city of Waiblingens have sponsored.

Size of building: 348 x 154 mm, 90 mm high.
Size of base: 380 x 200 mm, 10 mm high.

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BU1596 Town Gate Tower

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