Pre-Order RO73727 Diesel BR 218 oz-bl Snd.

Diesel locomotive 218 218 of the German Federal Railways.

■ The model with an ocean-blue roof is now available for the first time
■ Typical vehicle of the Epoch IV
■ Hauls goods trains as well as passenger trains
■ Z21-Driver's cab available

The diesel locomotive 218 218-6 delivered by Krupp in 1974 was the first in ocean blue / beige livery of this series. She was assigned to the Federal Railway Directorate (BD) Nuremberg and allocated from there to the railway depot (Bw) Regensburg. With this design, the locomotive was in use until the repainting in traffic red in 1987.

Operating number 218 218-6   

Epoch: IV   

Gauge: H0   

Elect. system: DC

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RO73727 Diesel BR 218 oz-bl Snd.

  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: RO73727
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