Pre-Order RO73474 E-Lok Rh 1042 ÖBB

Electric locomotive class 1042 of the Austrian Federal Railways.

* Variant with curved corner windows
* Frame and running gear in umbra grey livery
* The headlights can be completely or partially switched off with a DIP switch

257 mixed-traffic electric locomotives of the class 1042 were built from 1963 on. From 1966 stronger motors were installed to reach a top speed of 150 km / h. These locomotives were given the designation 1042.5. They were used in front of all types of trains, but mostly in front of fast passenger carriages and goods trains. They also played an important role in the German cross-border traffic. Over time, the appearance of the locomotives changed. Thus, from the mid-1980s, in the course of major repairs the frame and the running gear were painted umbra grey.

Operating number 1042 646-8   

Epoch: V  

Gauge: H0   

Elect. system: DC

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RO73474 E-Lok Rh 1042 ÖBB

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