Pre-Order RO61479 Jahreszg.20 Ruhr-Schnellverkeh

 Anniversary train 2020 "Fast traffic Ruhr" - the set contains a tender locomotive class 78.0-5 and three 4-axle compartment cars of the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft.

The set contains
1 tender locomotive class 78.0-5, 1 2nd/3rd class compartment car type BC4 pr04 and 2 3rd class compartment cars type C4 pr04.

■ Equipped with fixed-soldered sound decoder
■ Authentic and delicately designed train composition
■ Fully moveable Heusinger control with many details.
■ One wagon has rear end indicators.
■ FLEISCHMANN PROFI plug-in coupling for replacement is included

In 1932, the Deutsche Reichsbahn Gesellschaft introduced the so-called "Ruhr-Schnellver- kehr", a forerunner of the later S-Bahn. The train was formed with Prussian compartment cars of the types BC4 and C4 due to the required rapid passenger change. The colour scheme wine red / cream was the standard colour scheme in the Ruhr rapid traffi c in the 1930s. The window sections of the second class were painted light blue for better recognition. The Reichsbahn had indeed noticed that the colours used for the time being violet and cream were actually reserved for the upmarket long-distance traffi c. As train locomotives the series 38.10-40 (Prussian P 8) and 78 (pr. T 18) were used. The specially designed machines for the Ruhr rapid transit received a sign above the smoke chamber with the inscription "Ruhr Schnellverkehr".

Railway company:    DB

Epoch: II   

Gauge: H0   

Elect. system: AC

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RO61479 Jahreszg.20 Ruhr-Schnellverkeh

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