BOOK_004 European Railway Atlas (enthusiast edition)
Before you bring out that good old road atlas again when coming up with travel plans, it is best to make use of this "train atlas", intended for tourists. You can plan your train journey in some detail on the basis of full-page maps. Major and minor lines are clear as is the importance of stations. Smaller stations such as Alken, Bokrijk or Kiewit are missing, even though you can reach them from Ostend or Ghent without a single transfer.
The scale varies according to the size of a country or region. Belgium and the Netherlands together take up one page, but that also applies to Turkey, for example, a country where distances are of a different order of magnitude. Unfortunately, Russia is missing, except for Kalinagrad.
It is nice that attention is also being paid to narrow gauge lines and to railway routes that will soon be reopened or newly constructed. The train passenger can already start planning.

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BOOK_004 European Railway Atlas (enthusiast edition)

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