ES31331 Diesel loco, 220 021, DB, old red, Ep IV, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC

It is indisputable that with the V200.0 a classic DB diesel locomotive has arrived at the H0 model train layouts. As you have become accustomed with ESU, this model incorporates a number of optical and technical highlights. Let us do a quick walk around the locomotive. You will note that the many round shapes of the original have been perfectly replicated on the model, which is mainly made of metal parts.  For the first time the typical shallow “V” of the MaK locomotives has been realized in a model. The correctly dimensioned cab windows you can see an almost fully furnished interior with a driver’s console detailed in several colours.

The era III locomotive displays all typical attributes of the original version and therefore has the elevated decorative strips, Bundesbahn lettering, water inlet hatches and covered inlets for fuel and heating oil.

The era IV locomotive 220 022 is not simply a livery variant but has the prototypical modifications such as the open fuel inlets or the connections for the limit indicator for refuelling. The SBB and Brohltal locomotives also incorporate the prototypical modifications.

The partially free view through the engine compartment of the H0 model is common to all model versions allowing a glance at the fittings, valves and accessories. Of course, separately switched engine compartment lighting is standard in an ESU model. If you turn the model upside down you will notice a high degree of detailing not even achieved in larger scale models.

Besides the visual quality the V200 also offers a comprehensive package of technical features: This locomotive is equipped with two separately switched load dependent smoke generators, sensors for sounds generated in curves, a LokSound V4.0 M4 decoder with two speakers and a Power Pack (energy storage) assuring trouble-free running even on dirty track or extensive yard ladders. Thanks to RailCom Plus® and the M4 protocol the locomotive automatically registers with the command station (e.g.: ESU ECoS or Märklin® Central Station). Comprehensive lighting including cab interior lights, driver’s control panel lighting, engine compartment lighting and shunting mode for the headlights realized with warm white LEDs round off the technical equipment.

Chassis and housing of the model are made of metal and assure prototypical hauling power due to its weight of about 500 g. A powerful ESU five-pole precision motor developed by ESU, with a skew wound coil and a noise optimised commutator rests in the metal chassis.  Power is tamed by two flywheels and transferred to three axles via a combined worm gear and helical gear box.

The universal electronics with clip-on centre pick-up and universal wheel sets, already proven on other ESU models, are also installed on the V200. The LokSound decoder delivers original sounds of a Maybach MD 650 diesel engine respectively the appropriate Caterpillar sound on the Brohltal locomotive. In order to provide you with an exceptional acoustic experience we have perforated the fan grills on the slanted roof parts.

ModelMetal housing and chassis
 Separately applied brass and plastic detail parts
 Brass shunter’s steps
 Separate handle bars
 Perforated fan grills
 Sprung buffers
 Close coupler kinematics and shaft as per NEM 362
 High performance miniature five-pole skew wound motor with noise optimised commutator and two flywheels
 3 axles powered by combined worm gear and helical gear box
 Two traction tires
 Universal electronics
 Headlights, cab lighting, illuminated driver’s cab-control panel, engine compartment lighting with maintenance-free warm white LEDs
 Controlled with an ESU LokSound V4.0 M4 decoder with two large speakers
 Curve sensors
 “PowerPack” storage capacitor for uninterrupted power supply
 Two load dependent, fan driven smoke generators with temperature control
 Length over buffers: 209.7 mm
 Minimum radius 360 mm
Digital functionsDigitalised original sounds of a V200
 signal horn, load dependent smoke generator
 directional lighting
 head an tai lights can be turned off when the locomotive is coupled to a train
 shunting mode for the headlights
 cab interior lights, driver’s control panel lighting, engine compartment lighting and switched smoke generators, sensors for curves
Analogue functionsDigitalised original sounds of a V200
 directional lighting

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ES31331 Diesel loco, 220 021, DB, old red, Ep IV, Sound+Smoke, DC/AC

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  • Κατασκευαστής: ESU
  • Κωδικός Προϊόντος: ES31331
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