Vi60951 Whip Lamp double with plug-in socket, LED white

  Vi60951  H0 Whip Lamp double with plug-in socket, LED white ..


VI1316 H0 Multijet fountain with LED lighting

Maintenance free by LED lighting. Height: 36 mm...


VI1344 H0 Luminous giraffe fire brigade on a trailer, with 6 LEDs white

Floodlight spots on vertically adjustable telescopic support. E. g. for fire brigade or technical au..


VI1351 H0 Fountain at market place with LED lighting, functional model

Octagonal fountain for market places with maintenance free LED lighting, without water simulation. D..


VI1528 H0 Chicken run, moving

6 pecking chickens looking for grains and 2 fighting cocks. With underfloor drive unit. Mounting dep..


VI1538 H0 Welder with flickering welding light

The welder kneels and performs his work in appropriate protective clothing. With realistic welding l..


VI1551 H0 Woman snaps selfie, with flashlight

Woman shoots selfie with functional flashlight. Irregular flashing simulated by micro-LED from the m..


VI21558 H0 Bomag road roller STRABAG with working headlights and yellow flashlight, functional model

Road roller by company STRABAG. Model is equipped with functional headlights, rear lighting and yell..


VI21652 H0 DEMAG road surface paver STRABAG with illuminated headlights, functional model

Asphalt paver STRABAG. Paver with functional headlights. Maintenance-free by LED lighting. Dimension..


VI22266 H0 Tractor FENDT with illumination and yellow flashlight, functional model

Great completion for farms world.suitable for epochs IV - VI. The model Fendt Vario Favorit 926 is e..


VI23041 H0 Fire brigade crane truck with 3 flashing blue lights, functional model

Modern heavy duty fire brigade crane for emergency rescues Prototype Liebherr LTM 1050/4. Equipped w..


Vi26054 Tamping maschine Leonhard Weiss functional model 3 rail version

Leonhard Weiss group is a national active complete supplier for construction achievements with ap..


VI26111 H0 ROBEL Track motor car 54.22, functional model for 3 rail version

The Robel track motor car is a sophisticated piece of working equipment, which - due to its consider..


Vi28255 H0 Fire brigade fire engine Functional model

Vi28255 Fire brigade emergency vehicle with 4 axles and blue LED-flashlights. Models on the type ..